Saturday, March 10, 2012

Janglin' Jack

     Saidizi sat quietly in the school room. The day did not seem real to her. She felt more as if she were in a long dream. While the boys played and made their usual loud noise, the girls in the school all acted as if they were at a funeral.
     The teacher, Mr. Mzamba, was also unusually sullen. There was an uneasy feeling that floated in the air all day. Part of Saidizi wanted to leave the school and run home. Another part of her wanted to be anywhere but home. As the end of the school day neared, Saidizi's heart began to race. She began to think about Mama and Baba. She was such a hard worker, and a good helper with the siblings. Surely her parents would not...
     "It is two o'clock children. you may put up your books and go home", Mr. Mzamba said in a flat voice. He did not look up from the papers on his desk.
     One of the boys stood up,"Mr. Mzamba, you forgot to give us our homework for the night."
Still refusing to look up, Mr Mzamba said, "There are no studies for tonight."
     In the silence of the room Saidizi heard one of the boys whisper, "Janglin' Jack has got us out of homework." Mr. Mzamba shot up out of his chair so quickly that the chair fell back onto the hardwood floor. The already frightened children were suddenly terrified.
     Mr. Mzamba paused for a moment to regain his composure. "Run now children. Go to your homes."

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