Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some Help Please.

I am trying to help out a family in Uganda. Please go to this site if you can help, or pass the link on. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn

 I just read "Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn" by Alexandria Infante'. I must say beforehand that romance novels are not really my cup of tea, so; I will sound a little biased. The only real drawback I saw in the novel was the plot. A Werewolf is sent to bodyguard a Mundi who unknowingly is the key to an ancient secret. I know vampires and werewolves are hot right now, but the plot was just too cliche' for me.
 That being said, Ms. Infante's character development skills are excellent. I loved her heroine. There were many times in reading that I found myself laughing out loud, wondering what she would say next.
 The Scottish Werewolf was a little annoying. His accent was so hard to translate sometimes, it took me out of the story.
All being said, I would rate the book fair. I would purchase another book in a series if it featured the heroine, but only if the plot was a little more original.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New development

Air4ward International will no longer be working with Beyond Borders Publishing. The African Writing Contest created by Beyond Borders will be honored by Air4ward. Air4ward is currently in the process of becoming a small press publisher. Details will be forthcoming.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My broken heart spills my blood. Broken and breaking. Bleeding and feasting on blood. I am the lone one. I hide in your jungle. In the shadows I reside. You say I do not exist in you but you are ready to see me in others. Close your eyes and see the flash of the fang. Feel me tear the tendons of your heart. You will always be afraid until you walk into the dark and face me. My power is to take life or to preserve it. Use it as you wish.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Short Story Review

     I just read "Dust" by Allison M. Dickson. After reading manuscript submissions for the last two weeks, it was very nice to actually read something good. The plot is rather simple. A weird Moon dust lands on the Earth and quickly reduces everything and everyone it touches to dust. The events are seen through the eyes of a Vietnam vet. 
     I read the story in one sitting because I did not want to put it down. The well crafted story reminded me of an old Rod Serling Twilight Zone episode. At the end, I half expected Rod to walk out holding a coffin nail and say something snide about the poor characters.
     The most interesting part of the story to me was how point-of-view was handled by Ms. Dickson. There is little dialogue in the story. Most of the narrative takes place in the main character's head. The author pulled this off flawlessly in my opinion. 
I recommend this short story. 
P.S.- you can pick it up on Kindle for free.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Janglin' Jack

     Saidizi sat quietly in the school room. The day did not seem real to her. She felt more as if she were in a long dream. While the boys played and made their usual loud noise, the girls in the school all acted as if they were at a funeral.
     The teacher, Mr. Mzamba, was also unusually sullen. There was an uneasy feeling that floated in the air all day. Part of Saidizi wanted to leave the school and run home. Another part of her wanted to be anywhere but home. As the end of the school day neared, Saidizi's heart began to race. She began to think about Mama and Baba. She was such a hard worker, and a good helper with the siblings. Surely her parents would not...
     "It is two o'clock children. you may put up your books and go home", Mr. Mzamba said in a flat voice. He did not look up from the papers on his desk.
     One of the boys stood up,"Mr. Mzamba, you forgot to give us our homework for the night."
Still refusing to look up, Mr Mzamba said, "There are no studies for tonight."
     In the silence of the room Saidizi heard one of the boys whisper, "Janglin' Jack has got us out of homework." Mr. Mzamba shot up out of his chair so quickly that the chair fell back onto the hardwood floor. The already frightened children were suddenly terrified.
     Mr. Mzamba paused for a moment to regain his composure. "Run now children. Go to your homes."

Character Assessment

Brenda saw quickly that he was built like a deck of cards. One good blow would scatter him all over the room.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I am the eye of the hurricane, the thunder that terrifies you at night. I am the voice in the whirlwind. I guard the threshhold of understanding. I destroy your hopes and break your dreams. Because of me you will know the truth...No one is coming to save you. When all your heroes are dead and all your friends have betrayed you then I have done my job. When there is nothing left to believe in then you are forced to believe in yourself.

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I want that on a T-shirt

Don't mind the screams, Children.

Why are children asked to color a picture of a live goat being boiled?  The goat looks as if he is wondering the same thing.

Jesus Wept